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If you are looking for a wall decoration or a fence or for your garden, balcony or patio, you are probably not thinking of buying an artificial hedge
Nowadays there are very good, beautiful and durable artificial hedges that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Buying an artificial hedge means:

- no maintenance work
- less garden waste
- Is easy to install
- can be combined with traditional garden fencing
- is a practical material to decorate a balcony or terrace
- relatively inexpensive
- space saving compared to a natural hedge
- no bare or dry spots in the hedge

Types of artificial hedges and artificial hedge properties
There are many different types of artificial hedges on the market.
We have chosen to only go for the best quality and most durable artificial hedge, which is made of sustainable recyclable HDPE plastic.

Artificial hedge elements
This artificial hedge is suitable if you have high demands on the quality, durability and appearance of the artificial hedge.
With the artificial hedge elements, the leaves are attached to a plastic mat. The most common size of the elements is 50 × 50 cm or 100x100cm
These artificial hedge elements can easily be clicked together to any desired size.
these artificial hedge mats can be attached to the surface with a screw, binding wire or with Tyraps.
The artificial hedge mats are easy to cut to size with scissors.
The artificial hedge elements have a natural look on the front, on the back the artificial hedge mats have an artificial hedge grid.