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Artificial hedge

Artificial fence decoration elements are, beautiful and good, cheaper and prettier than hardwood or composite fence.

From stock, sell at wholesale prices.

Artificial hedge elements, what you do with it?
* Occupy wall.
* Create hagen.
* Close open fencing.
* Balcony with shielding.
* Decoration walls of it.
* Hide ugly walls.
* Close annoying view.
WHAT ADVANTAGES has an artificial hedge:
* Very natural.
* Many possibilities, very diverse.
* Direct episode.
* Easily covered in a few minutes.
* Very high quality.
* UV safe.
* Weatherproof.
* Hardy and frost resistant.
* Little to no maintenance.
* Quick and easy to assemble.
* All seasons full of vegetation.
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
* Elements of 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm
* Easy to link.
* Cut to any shape and size.
* The plastic sheets are insensitive,
all natural influences and remain in optimal condition for years.

The quality of our artificials hedges is the top level through the use of high quality raw materials such as very valuable stabilizers that keep the color longer.
Best quality artificial protection against the best price.
For indoor and outdoor use!
This is the best quality artificial hedges !!

Sales to individuals and businesses (companies enjoy extra discount.
If the quality is important, than:

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laurel artificial hedge
€ 7,00

Price per mat kunsthaag van 50 x 50 cm

Leucadendron artificial hedge
€ 10,95

Price per 50x50 cm

lily grass artificial hedge
€ 9,95

Price per 50x50 cm

lily grass artificial hedge
€ 12,95

Price per 50x50 cm

€ 11,95

Price per 50x50 cm

Photinia red robin Artificial hedge
€ 9,40

Price per element of artificial hedge of 50 x 50 cm

photinia red robin artificial hedge
€ 9,95

Price per artificial hedge mat 50 x 50 cm

Pied boxwood artificial hedge
€ 11,46

Price per Boxwood artificial hedge of 50 x 50 cm

Privet artificial hedge
€ 9,95

Price per 50x50cm

Yarrow Artificial moss
€ 10,95

Price per element artificial moss of 50 x 50 cm

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You have green fingers and are crazy about nature, then you will not quickly choose an artificial hedge.

Read on, because the benefits are great.

The advantages of an artificial hedge
With artificial hedge: you have an entirely different view in no time: the concrete wall is transformed into a green wall, dull walls turn green. You do not have to wait until the ivy starts to grow.
You place a green artificial hedge in one go and you're done.
Artificial hedge takes up considerably less garden space than a natural hedge.

Maintenance is not necessary.
There is a choice of different artificial hedges.
Think of: Red Robin, hedera ivy, conifer, boxwood, privet, etc.
The artificial hedge can be made against an existing barrier, fixed with binding wire, staples or screws

Have you just moved and there is still no green to see in your garden and you have no privacy then placing an artificial hedge might be a good idea, you can easily do this yourself.
You can then immediately enjoy a cozy barbecue in an intimate atmosphere.

An artificial hedge is suitable for many purposes
An artificial hedge is for indoor use (think of decorating a large hall, room) and outside. Outside you can think of garden closures that you would like to have green, a dull balcony, a gate and an artificial hedge near your terrace giving you some privacy.
You can alternate an artificial hedge with a stone fence.

Why an artificial hedge?

- requires almost no maintenance work
- does not give garden waste
- Is easy to install
- can be combined with traditional garden closures
- is a practical material for decorating a balcony or terrace
- relatively inexpensive
- saving space compared to a natural hedge
- no bare or dry places in the hedge

Artificial hedge elements: in this variant, the leaves are attached to the plastic mat. 50 x 50 cm is a common size. You can click the artificial hedge pads together or connect them in a different way. This can be done, for example, with a screw or with stitching wire. The inner size of the mats is smaller, because of this the leaves overlap each other and you can not see that these mats are mutually connected. It is really a whole and you can also easily cut the mats.
When you place high demands on the appearance of the hedge, this is a good option. You can choose from many options such as shrub, ivy, conifer, privet and boxwood.

Artificial hedge elements
This is the best quality of the artificial hedge and can be easily attached.
12 different types of plastic hedge plants, these artificial plants
are supplied as a kind of mats of 50x50cm or 100 x 100 cm

ivy artificial hedge

shrub artificial hedge

Laurel artificial hedge

Conifer artificial hedge

Boxwood artificial hedge

Privet artificial hedge

They can be connected to each other by means of a pin hole connection

Prices mentioned are pick-up prices from Zevenbergen.
Shipping costs on request (depends on number)

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